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System Components

Expand the functionality of your DMC 3000™ Electronic Dosimeter 
and WRM2™ telemetry system with positioning data using
the Orion™ Real-Time Location System

Orion Studio Software


Orion Studio Software is a Telemetry and Real-Time Location supervision tool for nuclear and industrial environments.
It combines remote radiological monitoring through Wireless Remote Monitoring telemetry enabled instruments and location data from Mirion’s Orion real-time location system enabled products.
A comprehensive 3D environment permits the visualization of dosimeter and instrument movement, radiological hazards through dose rate heatmapping, identification of entry into high-hazard zones by geofencing, and other features specifically designed to support safety, efficiency, and critical path time improvement.

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Remote Monitoring with Location

Provide a 3D representation of covered area for personal dosimeter transmission monitoring as well as area dose rate and other instruments.

Geofencing with warning

Worker J. Smith (01A1742A) has crossed into the restricted warning zone set by the central monitoring station in Orion Studio software.

Dose rate mapping

Purple circles indicate areas of high dose rates.
Parameters for mapping can be set in Orion Studio software.



The Orion Real-Time Location System supports Critical Path activities by providing postion data for compatible devices (e.g. Dosimeters and Asset Tags).
Anchors are placed throughout the monitored area to capture and relay location data for visualization on a monitoring station. Installation is simple, using a daisy chain RJ45 configuration with Power Over Ethernet (PoE) connections.
For temporary mounting installations, anchors have an available magnetic mount for rapid deployment and removal.

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Location Telemetry Module (LTx)


For the DMC 3000™ Dosimeter

Part of the Orion™ RTLS ecosystem, the purpose of the Location Telemetry (LTx) Module is to provide an additional real-time location feature and to transmit worker data (worker information, gamma radiological data and setpoints) to WRM Telemetry Systems.
The LTx module is also backward compatible with WRM2™ Telemetry system and can be used as an enhanced telemetry module with capabilities for location tracking.

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Asset Tag


Asset tags are a key component of the Orion system, allowing facilities to track the location of essential tools and equipment throughout a monitored facility.
The tag transmits location data, eliminating challenges caused by lost equipment. Asset tags are rugged, watertight and offer a two-year battery life.

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