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ORION is Safety, Efficiency, Intelligence

Bringing real-time location and radiation measurement data together in a seamless experience for nuclear power, industrial and research facilities.

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Real-time Location and Radiation Measurement Data. Unified.

Using Mirion WRM2™ wireless network and advanced, ultra-wide band technology, the location of assets, of people, and radiation measurement data are combined into a single view. Orion™ system supports nuclear operators in:

  • Critical path time reductions due to lost or missing assets and people
  • Reducing radiation exposure and supporting ALARA planning
  • Simplifying enhanced dose rate management
  • Reducing man hours needed to complete jobs
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Key Benefits

Asset Tracking

Track the location of essential tools and equipment. An asset tag is attached to critical items such as replacement components, tools, and filtration units.

Remote Monitoring

The newly designed LTx module integrates with the DMC 3000™ dosimeter, providing real-time location as well as dose, and dose rate information with no additional tags, badges or equipment to wear.


The ability to virtually fence off areas of restricted access or high radiation concerns, can be done manually or setup to occur automatically based on radiological or other conditions. The Geofences can be set as warning and/or alarm zones to alert personnel monitoring the Orion system, and notify workers directly with a message to their dosimeter (optional).

Dose Rate Mapping

Orion RTLS uses location and radiological data to create composite heatmaps of dose rates across an area. Parameters for dose rate gradients, refresh rates and peak and average data are customizable in Orion Studio software.

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Support refurbishment, maintenance and outage planning. Save time by tracking critical assets (equipment, tools, and more).

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Asset tags track the location of high value, critical inventory from loading to storage in warehouses, rad waste facilities and laydown areas.

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Prevent unplanned dose rate alarms and provide location information when they do occur.

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Precision Location Technology

Orion RTLS is based on ultra-wideband, or UWB, which is a radio-based communication technology for short-range, fast and stable transmission of data. Unlike traditional radio technologies (WiFi or Bluetooth Technology), UWB operates with the signal’s Time of Flight (ToF) rather than Received Signal Strength Indication (RSSI), making the technology much more precise and enabling very exact ranging measurements.